Analyzing Conservatism from
a Progressive Standpoint

In today's highly polarized environment, it is more important than ever to promote mutual understanding. This website discusses conservatism from a progressive standpoint. I will be as impartial as possible and evaluate each statement according to its merits. Also included will be discussions on the rise and emergence of what I call, invoking the great Peter Lawler, Post-Modern Conservatism.


Professor at TEC de Monterrey

Introduction to International Relations

January 2018 - Present

A look at the history of international relations to the current day, marked by the emergence of new forms of populism.

Introduction to Political Science

January 2018 - Present

An introduction to the seminal texts and figures in political science, with the aim of better understanding liberalism and its critics.

Citizenship and Democracy

Summer 2018

Analysing different political systems in a global context to compare their various strengths and weaknesses.


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